Tell us: Our tool for reporting possible non-compliance incidents at Angiokard Medizintechnik GmbH

Angiokard Medizintechnik GmbH as a company is committed to compliance with the applicable laws. This also includes, of course, all Angiokard Medizintechnik GmbH internal regulations. It is only by complying with regulations, standards and laws that we can avoid damage to our company.

Compliance with laws and regulations is therefore essential for Angiokard Medizintechnik GmbH. It is important that any non-compliance is detected early.

To this end, we have developed at Angiokard Medizintechnik GmbH our tool for reporting possible compliance incidents called “Tell us” that allows employees and external personnel to report any possible incidents of non-compliance with the applicable laws and regulations. You can either give your name or remain anonymous when reporting such an incident.
Once the report is received, we will carry out an initial risk-based assessment to evaluate its relevance. As part of the investigation, and after an initial plausibility assessment, the person involved will immediately be given the opportunity to respond. The person involved will be assumed to be innocent until proven otherwise.

Please use the attached report form, which you can also complete without giving your personal details.

Angiokard Medizintechnik GmbH guarantees to protect the identity of the person reporting the possible non-compliance incident as required by law. L&R will check and follow-up the report and, where applicable, take the necessary measures to address the non-compliance.

Report form for a possible non-compliance incident

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